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Woongjin Coway Reddot Winner 2011

Bubble Air Purifier

Bubble fulfils two tasks. The modern, refined filter cleans the air by removing dust and germs, while the humidifier at the same time maintains an optimal humidity. The disadvantage of evaporative humidifiers compared to those using ultrasound is the lack of a visual display indicating humidity levels. This appliance, however, has a display that uses bubbles passing through a water tank as indicators. The number of bubbles increases or decreases as the humidity rises or falls. In the rim of the circular display, four different lights indicate the status of the surrounding air. The transparent cover emphasises the clear design of the appliance.

Tulip Air Purifier

Tulip is an air purifier that uses a modern, refined HEPA filter and activated-carbon filter to remove dust, bacteria, viruses and unpleasant smells from the air. Tulip comes in two sizes and is suitable for both living and sleeping areas. The clear and simple design draws the user’s attention to the main display. The control elements, situated in a circle around it, make it very easy to use. This user-friendliness is underlined by the fact that the four buttons, arranged in an intuitive way, are the only controls needed to adjust the air purifier. The central display uses four illuminated coloured indicators to show the current air quality.

Dental Care System

This water purifier and mouthwash dispenser is used for dental hygiene. Water, purified in a filter, is mixed with fluoride-containing mouthwash powder in a cartridge inside the machine and dispensed through a single tap. The fluoride is deposited on the teeth and protects them from caries. The appliance not only supplies clean water, but is also equipped with a mood lighting reminiscent of running water that lends a pleasant atmosphere to any bathroom. On the front, a round illuminated display encourages the retention of the mouthwash in the mouth for 60 seconds. The purity of the appliance’s design is underlined by its semi-transparent, matt white material and its blue lights.

Woongjin Coway Reddot Winner 2010

AP-1210AH Air Purifier

This air purifier has been conceived with regard to the numerous pathogenic agents and other harmful dust particles that may occur in the urban environment. It has an integrated humidifier function. When used as a humidifier it uses a rotating disk that absorbs the water and sends the moist air with the air that has been cleaned through the HEPA and other filters. The humidifying quantity matches with most ultrasonic humidifiers. The water tank is easy to detach from the rear by a simple handle mechanism. For the front cover decoration, a hairline effect was given to the mould and a special resin was injected to give a subtle shine. On the bottom it has a pollution indicator.

BA14 Digital Bidet

The innovative design of this electronic bidet combines user comfort with a purely functional aesthetics. The shiny surfaces of the recyclable materials suggest hygiene and technical progress. An innovative technology ensures that all water used is sterilised. A user-friendly control panel next to the seat rounds off the ergonomics of the product.

BB-08 Water Softener

This battery-run water softener with rounded contours has a friendly aesthetics. Its shiny, bright white surface symbolises the purity of the water. The ecologically designed product filters heavy metals and pollutants out of the water by means of ion exchange. Other user-friendly aspects, such as easy cleaning and maintenance, were also considered in the unit’s development. The manufacturing process is both low cost and ecological. LED control elements on the front of the unit reliably indicate the filter status and remaining life of the battery. A bright orange line runs around the sides of the unit, lending the product a certain posture and stability. A recessed notch in this line allows the user to easily open the front lid. An ion resin storage tank minimises the required maintenance.

CHP-09B Water Purifier

Independent of existing water connections the unobtrusive water purifier with integrated water tank supplies offices, hospitals or classrooms with drinking water. The system of the eco-friendly water dispenser disposes of PET bottles and features an innovative RO filter system that economises the use of water as a precious resource. The compact stationary unit harmoniously fits into any room thanks to its slim shape. It is available in different colours.


CHP-210 Water Purifier

With its strikingly compact and puristic design this water purifier discreetly integrates into its environment. The elliptically curved front gives a transparent impression due to its bright materials illustrating the value of purified water. The control panel for optional cold or warm water is comfortably accessible; each button is illuminated in a specific colour indicating its function. The abstract design of this light effect reminds of drops of water.


CHPI-610R/L Water Purifier and Ice Maker

The elegant body of this water purifier displays a superior appearance. The mix of matt and high-gloss surfaces shapes the slim silhouette with harmoniously rounded edges. The electronic control panel intuitively reveals itself and differentiates manifold options for the withdrawal of water and ice. A multi-filter removes heavy metals and bacteria from the water, which are harmful to health. The treated water can be optionally taken in a tempered, cold or frozen condition.

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